Ahi Pepe | MothNet Light - Classroom Activities

These resources are free to download and print.

Kaitiakitaka mā te Pūtaiao, mā te Taiao, mā te mahi Toi

As part of Ahi Pepe MothNet, a set of resources has been developed to help you integrate the MothNet programme into your class. The units are available in either te reo Māori or English or you can download both. They contain most of the special vocabulary you’ll need to talk about moths, pollination and food webs. Activities that are fun and hands-on have been inluded. Our guiding principle is Kaitiakitaka mā te Pūtaiao, mā te Taiao, mā te mahi Toi - Stewardship through Science, Nature, and Art.

The resources are divided into ten units to make it easier to pick and mix, and links have been added wherever possible so that you can link the outside and inside activities together. This is just a scaffolding. Use these resources however suits your family or class – everyone will have a slightly different take.

We’d love to hear how you've got on pass on your ideas and improvements, share feedback with our growing community of moth whisperers. We especially love to hear stories from the tamariki and see the pictures they’ve created.

We hope these resources make it a little easier for the amazing teaching staff across NZ to share our moth love with their tamariki but we know you are the real experts so please help us keep improving this resource. Follow the Ahi Pepe MothNet Facebook page or join the Ahi Pepe Whanau Facebook group and share examples of how you’ve integrated the units into the kura/school curriculum to inspire the community.

There's something here for every age, from 3 to 103. Do share with your family and friends.