Wanaka Primary

Wanaka Primary School is located in Central Otago within walking distance of Lake Wanaka with views of the stunning mountains of Mount Aspiring National Park. We have recently become involved with the MothNet project through our studies into codling moth and leafrollers in our local area. The project entitled “Monitoring and Control of Codling Moth and Leafrollers in Central Otago” is funded by the Participatory Science Platform, which is part of the MBIE’s Curious Minds Initiative. It is being carried out in partnership with research scientists from Plant and Food Research in Clyde, along with other local RSNZ scientists who are keen to work with our primary school pupils.

The champions for Wanaka Primary School are Year 5 pupils Jack Wyeth and Bryne Bloxham, along with teacher Sharon Pendlebury. Jack and Bryne are part of the Year 5 and 6 science leader group who have been involved with the PSP project, led by Sharon. Being part of the MothNet project will give our pupils a deeper and more balanced understanding of the roles that moths play in our natural environment. We are excited about learning more about beneficial moths as well as sharing our knowledge about how introduced moths can be pests.

Here are some photos of our science leader group working with Kate Colhoun, entomology researcher from Plant and Food Research in Clyde.